Attorney Paul Key
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Possession of Marijuana

The most common drug charge in Collin County is possession of marijuana, which is typically a class-b misdemeanor so long as it is a "usable quantity" of marijuana and under two ounces. If you've been arrested for drug possession in Collin County or in Texas, then you'll want to have an experience criminal defense lawyer review your case, as there are many defenses. How can they prove you knowingly possessed it, for example? A cop will arrest you just for having it in a car you were driving. My mom would not have been very pleased were that the standard, seeing as I drove her car a lot in high school, and Lord knows what I or my friends might have left in there. A big opportunity for the defense of drug possession charges in Collin County has to do with suppression of illegally obtained evidence. Many law enforcement officers in Collin County are very aggressive in the performance of their job. Often this aggressiveness results in their overstepping their legal authority. You see it every, but the cops in Allen and Wylie are especially bad. When that happens, I can file a motion to suppress the illegally obtained evidence in your case. Once the evidence is suppressed, there is no more evidence, and we'll either easily win at trial, or, frequently, the charge will be dismissed.