Attorney Paul KeyBeing charged with a crime in Texas, especially one you did not commit, can be an overwhelming experience. That experience becomes even more overwhelming when your own attorney starts telling you that the best thing to do is plead guilty because the prosecutor is offering a good deal or because no one is going to believe you.

My name is Paul Key, and I am a criminal defense attorney in Collin and Dallas County, Texas. The law and your lawyer should be on your side. If you want a Collin County criminal lawyer who will defend you instead of pressuring you to plead guilty, then call me. I will talk to you in confidence about your case, and I will let you know what my fee would be to defend you all the way through trial.

I have been practicing law since 1996. After three years of active duty as an Army JAG and another three in the Collin County District Attorney’s office, I went into private practice. Since then my practice has been dedicated to criminal defense, and just about all of my cases are in Collin and Dallas County. I know the DA’s, and I know the judges, and they know me. If you’ve been accused of a crime, call me. I can help you, and I will defend you.