Attorney Paul Key
Over 20 Years of Experience

Occupational License

Everyone calls it an occupational license, but it is really called an “essential needs” license. Under most circumstances when your license is suspended, I can file a lawsuit on your behalf, requesting that a judge give you permission to drive for essential needs purposes, which include work, school, shopping for food, etc., taking care of children and things like that.  Recent changes in the law do away with the showing of essential need and any restrictions, provided that the driver is ordered to drive automobiles with an ignition interlock device. Very frequently I can obtain the order without your having to go to court with me. The order will spell out when and where you are authorized to drive. That order, along with some other forms and additional fees of about $135.00 must be sent to the Department of Public Safety. Under most circumstances, you will need to obtain and SR-22 insurance policy, and we will need to obtain a copy of your driving record. Filing Fees for an occupational license are around $350.00 (including certified copies, driving record and certified mail fees). My fee is $1250.00, unless I have included this work in the fee charged on your DWI, which I frequently do.