Attorney Paul Key
Over 20 Years of Experience


I typically like to conduct the initial consultation over the phone. There is no fee for this consultation. I will talk to you about the facts of your case and get an initial idea of what we're dealing with. During this consultation I will answer your questions and let you know what my fee would be to defend you, should I decide to take your case. At that point, if it makes sense to keep talking, then we'll set up a meeting at my office. Whether you hire me or not, our conversations are strictly confidential, and no one but you can allow me to divulge what we talk about. If you prefer to come to my office for the initial consultation, then that is fine, too. I simply prefer to do it over the phone, because it saves us both time. The fee I quote you will be one flat fee to handle your case, regardless of how we proceed to dispose of it. That is to say that my fee will be the same whether we have a jury trial, the charge is dismissed or you decide to accept a plea offer. I decided to go to this fee structure because I saw too many people bet against themselves and not take my advice to go to trial. They would make this decision because they feared the worst: Paying me more to go to trial and then not winning. I've found that many more clients want to try their case when it's not going to cost them anything more to do so. Very frequently good things happen when we set the case for trial: Often that is when charges are dismissed or reduced. Because of the way I set my fee, you will virtually always be able to find many lawyers who will quote you a cheaper "pre-trial" fee, which will not include their fees to go to trial. On the other hand, my fee will often be less than many of my colleagues that have similar skill and experience, once trial fees are considered. Until I talk to you about your case, however, the best I can tell you is that my fees typically range from $2000 to $7500 for most cases. My fee could be considerably higher for some higher-level felony charges, however. For each offense or other area I discuss in my website, I frequently give a range for what my fee would be for that type of case.